Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit prosecutes cases involving violence or the threat of violence occurring between married, engaged, dating or formerly involved couples. The District Attorney’s Office understands that a home should be a safe place. Crimes of domestic violence tear at that basic assumption. Not only is the victim at risk, but so are children and any other family members present. The DA’s Office is committed to vigorously prosecuting domestic violence crimes in order to break the cycle of violence and promote a safe living environment for all family members.
The attorneys in the Domestic Violence Unit are vertically assigned to handle cases from filing through its ultimate resolution. That means one specific prosecutor will handle the case from the beginning through any potential trial and sentencing.  That prosecutor, assisted by investigators and our own Family Justice Center, will work with the victim and the victim's family to bring a speedy and just resolution to each case.  Our goal is to ensure the safety of the victim and family members by punishing and rehabilitating the offenders.     

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