Drug Enforcement

The Drug Unit prosecutes all felony narcotics cases. Our prosecutors handle a wide range of cases, including simple possession, possession for sales and the manufacturing of narcotics. The attorneys also prosecute crimes that are frequently committed with narcotics violations, such as theft and driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

Many of our narcotics cases resolve based on the defendant participating in a number of drug treatment programs available in Drug Court. Programs such as Diversion and the Prop. 36 program enacted by Penal Code sections 1210 et seq. allow the defendants the chance to complete drug programs in lieu of sustaining a conviction. More intensive programs such as Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) and Recovery Opportunity Center (ROC) provide the defendant with more one-on-one help for up to three years. The ROC program is a collaborative effort among the District Attorney’s Office, the defense bar, the court, the Probation Department and the Mental Health Department to provide treatment to select individuals who face a severe penalty for the crimes they committed as a result of their drug addiction. The District Attorney’s Office is committed to seeking the just resolution of narcotics cases whether that is a drug treatment program or time in custody.

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