Street gangs present an extreme threat to our society. Because of that threat, our Gang Unit is staffed by some of the most senior prosecutors in our office. Assisted by paralegals and investigators, prosecutors in the Gang Unit work hand in hand with local law enforcement in an effort to eradicate gangs and their members from the community through the lawful arrest and successful prosecution of these individuals.

Because street gang members are often far more dangerous than your typical criminal acting alone, our Gang Unit vertically prosecutes all crimes involving gang members that arise in the County of Riverside, meaning a prosecutor handles the case from arraignment through any potential trial. These gang-related crimes can range from drug sales to robbery to special-circumstance murder. Due to the intricate nature of the STEP Act (186.22 PC), our Gang Unit actively and routinely provides training to all local law enforcement agencies, including the various gang task forces within this county and frequently participates in suppression-type operations aimed at reducing and preventing the damage caused by criminal street gangs.

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