The Juvenile Division is a countywide division with offices in Riverside, Murrieta and Indio. 

The primary mission of the Juvenile Division is to protect the public safety and to promote justice. This includes both the prevention of juvenile crime through community education and intervention strategies with at-risk youth, as well as prosecution of juvenile offenders when necessary.                               

The Juvenile Division is comprised of three components: Delinquency Court Operations, Youth Accountability Team (YAT)  -- which includes the School Attendance Review Board (SARB), and Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN). 

Delinquency Court Operations
Delinquency Court Operations is responsible for the review and filing of cases, daily court calendar appearances, contested hearings and some prosecutions of juveniles in adult court. Delinquency Court Operations is made up of misdemeanor and felony level attorneys including felony level attorneys with expertise in the prosecution of gang-related and sexual assault crimes. Delinquency Court Operations is also a partner with the Riverside County Probation Department in the presentation of Graffiti Awareness and Drug Awareness programs.  

Youth Accountability Teams
A Youth Accountability Team is responsible for intervention of at-risk youth and low-level offenders. Each YAT deputy district attorney is responsible for several teams, each comprised of a probation officer, a local law enforcement officer and either a therapist or mental health professional. Participation by juveniles in the YAT program is voluntary and includes short-term, intensive supervision during which the juvenile will be monitored at school, at home and in the community. The minor will be referred to educational and/or intervention programs as needed. Parents will be provided with education to improve parenting skills.                               

School Attendance Review Board
The goal of the School Attendance Review Board is to increase student attendance in school. Throughout the school year, deputy district attorneys meet with parents, children and school officials to address issues of truancy. If, after numerous contacts and mediations, a child continues to be truant, the parent(s) will be prosecuted for violations of the California Education Code and/or state Penal Code. 

Project Safe Neighborhoods
Project Safe Neighborhoods is a program aimed at keeping our youth out of criminal street gangs. PSN presentations focus on the realities of the criminal street gang as opposed to the glamour that is perpetuated in music and other media. An integral part of the presentation is the information provided by former gang members who address both parents and youths. A second component of the program is parenting with the goal being to give parents the tools to keep their children out of gangs. PSN partners with the Riverside County Probation Department in the presentation of Gang Awareness and Parenting programs.
It is our belief that by teaching positive parenting, encouraging academic success and holding minors accountable for their criminal conduct, we can redress the harm done to victims, rehabilitate families and make our community a better and more safe place to live.

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