The Misdemeanor Teams in each region are comprised of attorneys that prosecute non-felony cases. These Deputy District Attorneys prosecute all the adult misdemeanors committed in Riverside County. The Misdemeanor Teams handle misdemeanor cases from arraignment through trial. Misdemeanor prosecutors face the challenge of prosecuting a high-volume caseload consisting of a wide variety of cases. Typical cases handled by the unit include driving under the influence, all misdemeanor drug offenses, driving without a valid license, shoplifting, battery, trespass, and disturbing the peace.
The Misdemeanor Teams in each region work to promote public safety and serve the victims and the communities of Riverside County. In this endeavor, they work closely with court personnel, the Office of the Public Defender, attorneys from the conflict panel, private attorneys, the county Probation Department, the county Mental Health Department, as well as all law enforcement agencies in the county. 

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