Members of the Bureau of Investigation support the Office of the District Attorney in the preparation for prosecution of felony cases by locating and processing witnesses, by conducting pretrial investigations and prepping exhibits for trial.

The Bureau is comprised of sworn investigators, investigative technicians, forensic technicians, computer specialists, audio-video technicians, dispatchers and clerical support. The Bureau investigates and gathers evidence in civil and criminal violations of law, including the traditional crimes of burglary, robbery, homicide, and domestic violence. Investigators also conduct initial investigations in consumer fraud, corruption, organized crime, and election code violations. They enforce child custody and support orders, prepare and serve subpoenas and search warrants, arrest criminal violators, and help in the extradition process.

The Bureau has a staff of sworn investigators and non-sworn support staff in the three divisions; Western, Southwest and Eastern. And although trial preparation remains the primary mission of the Bureau, many specialized areas of investigation are also staffed. Those include major fraud, elder abuse, environmental crimes, insurance fraud, political corruption, workers' compensation fraud, and child recovery.

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