Reimbursement and Restitution

The Division of Victim Services can help to assist you with recovering losses you incur as a result of a crime. Victims may seek assistance through the California Victim Compensation Board and/or through direct restitution from a criminal offender. Below you will find helpful tools to assist you with the process. Please contact an Advocate at the Division of Victim Services to assist you with your questions. California Victim Compensation Board (CalVCB): The CalVCB Claims Unit onsite at the Riverside Office works diligently to process your CalVCB Application for Crime Victim Compensation

If you or someone close to you were injured or threatened with injury in a violent crime, CalVCB may help pay certain crime-related expenses. There are limits on how much can be paid for each crime related expense. Here are some examples of covered expenses:

  • Crime scene clean up
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Home or vehicle modifications for victims who became disabled
  • Medical and dental treatment
  • Income loss
  • Mental health services
  • Relocation
  • Residential security

*All expenses are subject to rates and limitations set by CalVCB

For more information on eligibility requirements or for assistance applying to the program, contact the Claims Unit at 951-955-5460.

Victims of crime have the right to request the defendant be responsible for crime-related losses. Restitution can be ordered at the time of sentencing. To request a restitution order, please contact the Division of Victim Services and speak with an Advocate. We will need receipts, estimates, invoices or other documentation for each loss amount claimed. If you have questions about how to document your loss, below you will find some helpful tools to assist you: 

California Department of Corrections Victim Services Office- Restitution Guide 

Riverside County Probation Department – Victim Restitution Services


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