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Welfare Fraud Unit

Welfare Fraud Unit

Welfare fraud is a serious crime that threatens millions of public dollars

It is committed by individuals fraudulently receiving benefits and by public employees stealing from within the system. In both cases, these criminals who cheat the welfare system cheat more than a government agency. They cheat society of much needed resources and taxpayers of their hard-earned money.


The District Attorney’s Office is committed to combating welfare fraud and protecting the County’s welfare fund. Criminals who live a life of luxury while receiving public assistance benefits and who violate the public trust in their jobs will have their assets seized and will be prosecuted.  This is accomplished in a variety of ways from verifying information on new applications for assistance to investigating fraud committed over an extended period of time. Those programs investigated include Cal-Works, food stamps and general relief. Suspected fraud involving other assistance associated with these programs, such as child care and public housing, are also investigated. Where substantial amounts of public assistance funds have been acquired by means of fraudulent conduct, consideration is given to initiating criminal proceedings.

Reporting Fraud

To report suspected welfare fraud in Riverside County:
(951) 358-3278