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Mission Statement

The District Attorney of Riverside County, as the public prosecutor acting on behalf of the People, vigorously enforces the law, pursues the truth, and safeguards the rights of all to ensure that justice is done on behalf of our community. 

The District Attorney works with every component of the criminal justice system to protect the innocent, to convict and appropriately punish the guilty, and to protect the rights of victims.

The District Attorney also works within our community to prevent and deter crime and to promote public safety, now and for future generations. 

The District Attorney fulfills these critical responsibilities through the efforts of the employees of the District Attorney’s Office, and each employee is integral to achieving this mission. To that end, we, the employees of the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, will adopt the highest standards of ethical behavior and professionalism and proudly commit ourselves to the following core values in the performance of our duties: Integrity, Respect, Quality, Loyalty, Teamwork, Partnership, Innovation, Fairness, and Service.

Core Values

Integrity logo


As professionals, members of the criminal justice system, officers of the court, and highly visible public employees, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct. Ethics and integrity are not negotiable.

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We treat each other and all members of the public with dignity and respect. Because the people of this organization are its most valuable asset, each of us must nurture a working climate that is based on trust, courtesy, and mutual respect. We must also apply that attitude of consideration, dignity, and respect to the public we serve. We must remember that the personal dignity of each individual is inviolate.

Quality Logo


To earn and hold the trust and confidence of our community, we must perform our duties with uncompromising commitment to quality. Each of us is responsible for ensuring that our community receives the finest prosecution services possible, and we are committed to hiring and training the most qualified individuals to accomplish our mission.

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We recognize that the District Attorney’s mission is a public trust, and we are loyal to that mission. We take seriously our obligations to the community, to law enforcement, and to the victims of crime.

Fairness Logo


We are committed to treating people reasonably and consistently without personal bias, discrimination, favoritism, or animus. Each of us must act fairly toward our fellow employees and others within the criminal justice system. In addition, we are committed to developing leaders at all levels that communicate expectations and provide consistent feedback, who motivate and inspire others, and who understand the importance of equality, fairness, and diversity.

Innovation Logo


We accept a shared responsibility to ensure the most effective use of resources and to identify and apply new methods and technology for increased efficiency. Each of us strives for continuous improvement, which allows the District Attorney’s Office to deliver better prosecution services and further enhances public safety.

Partnership logo


We are committed to building strong and viable partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, every component of the criminal justice system, and the community we serve. We recognize that a united and cohesive effort to prevent and punish crime allows us to achieve the highest level of public safety for our community.

Service Logo


The core mission of our entire organization is to promote public safety by delivering quality prosecution services to the citizens of Riverside County. However, we recognize that we are also part of the Riverside County community and our effectiveness as an office is enhanced through our employees’ community service. We value and encourage community involvement, volunteerism, and participation in community improvement efforts.

Teamwork logo


We work as a team, encouraging both diversity of thought and unity of action. Each of us plays an integral part, but we must work together to achieve our mission. “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”