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Tribal Unit Mission Statement

“Serving the Native American Communities within Riverside County to ensure we safeguard the rights of our community members.”

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office Tribal Unit has developed a partnership with all 12 Sovereign Native American Tribes in Riverside County of which nine are tribes. It is the function of the Tribal Unit to work closely with all tribal councils, casino gaming commissions, tribal public safety agencies and state, federal and local law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes that occur on casino property and to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law when necessary.

The Tribal Unit has a strong commitment to ensuring that justice is served on tribal land and reinforces that commitment by maintaining strong relationships with the Riverside County Indian Tribes and staying up-to-date with the law through relevant training.

The Tribal Unit investigate and prosecute crimes emanating from the tribal casinos and reservations within Riverside County.  Some of the investigations will stem from criminal complaints accepted and filed with our office.  In addition, investigators can be tasked with criminal investigations beyond the capabilities of the local policing jurisdictions for the tribal casinos.  Tribal Unit investigators attend regular meetings with Tribal Council Members, Tribal Police Chiefs, Tribal Casino Public Safety Managers and Tribal Gaming Commission Agencies.  The Tribal Unit collaborates with the Native American communities to ensure casino criminal trends are identified and patron safety at the casinos.

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Tribal TANF Offices (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) in Riverside County.
1425 Spruce Street
Riverside, California 92507
Toll Free (855) 820-7222
Main (951) 654-5964
66725 Martinez Road
Thermal, California 92274
Toll Free (866) 810-1000
Main (760) 397-3925